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When it comes to auto financing, you want the process to be as painless as possible. However, any time you’re going to buy something with credit, there’s always a feeling of despair. What if my credit isn’t perfect? Do they have loans for bad credit? Are car loans bad credit just not words that go together? At Ford Country, we have loans available through our financing partners to fit everyone’s credit rating, good, bad or ugly!

  • No matter what your credit history is we will present you with sales and lease options that work for you and your budget. Bad credit auto loans are just like any other auto loans, they are built to fit with the individual so that they can get the vehicle they need for a price that’s right for them.

  • When financing a vehicle through one of our many lending partners you’re not looking for bad credit car loans, you’re looking for a car loan that works for you. At Ford Country we’ve combined the car buying and car financing processes so that loans for good credit and loans for bad credit are treated equally during one seamless process.

Before you come to the dealership, you can use the online calculator to get an idea of what your monthly payments will be based on several factors:

  • Vehicle Price: This is not the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) but the price you agree on with our sales team to make sure you’re getting the price that works for you regardless of whether we’ll be looking at loans for bad credit or not.

  • Rate: The loan percentage rate you will pay based on what our financing partners offer; you can get an idea of the range of monthly payments by adjusting the rate up or down in the calculator if you think you’ll be looking at bad credit auto loans.

  • Cash/Trade: How much cash you’re able to put down or if you have a vehicle to trade in will affect how much you need to finance and the less you finance through good or bad credit car loans the less your’re going to pay each month.

  • Term: Financing up to 72 months is available which is another way to lower you’re month payments in the event that you will be looking for bad credit auto loans.

Good Credit, Bad Credit, No Credit, All are welcome


Once you’ve entered all of the parameters you can calculate your payments and by choosing a few different values in each category you can get an idea of what your monthly payments might be whether you’re looking for bad credit car loans or not.

We Will Find the Financing You Need for a New or Used Ford Vehicle!

In the end, Ford Country in committed to making your car buying or leasing experience one that you enjoy no matter what your credit score is and get you into the car that’s right for you. Leave the worrying about bad credit auto loans behind you and come in and see an expert sales person today. We’re waiting to put you in the Ford truck, car, or SUV and the loan that fits you! Get a great deal on new and used Ford trucks, cars and SUVs in Las Vegas at Ford Country.

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