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Ford Innovations Changing Transportation | Ford Country Las Vegas Keeping Consumers in the Know

Transportation to Mobilization: The Ford Transformation

The Changing Face of Transportation Just over five years ago, Bill Ford, executive chairman of the Ford Motor Company and great-grandson of Henry Ford, led an earnest TED Talk conversation about the changing face of transportation. In this conversation
Compare the New 2017 Ford Focus - It Beats the Competition

All New 2017 Ford Focus Kills the Competition

The 2017 Ford Focus RS has a lot to offer – it’s a great drive, responsive, and fun! The 2017 RS is also the best-equipped Focus to date. Maintaining everything those looking for a smart small car want: versatility, fuel efficiency, solid acceleration, an
The Tire Buying Guide for Your Ford Car | Buy Tires at Ford Country LV

Buying Tires For Your Ford Car

There are probably a million things you'd like to do with a few hundred bucks, but chances are, buying tires most likely isn't on that list. Although a tire purchase may not be considered a sexy splurge, the right replacement rubber is essential for avoid
Road Safety Tips for Teenage Drivers | 2016 Ford Fusion Energi at Ford Country LV 702-558-8063

10 Driving Tips for Your Teenage Driver

It's the height of irony: one of the most exhilarating times in your teenager's life is simultaneously one of the most stressful times in yours. Cars are made safer now than ever before, but how can you help your kids drive safely? Soon after your te
Learn More About the 2017 Ford Explorer,  Fuel Efficient Ford SUV

5 Things You Should Know About the 2017 Ford Explorer

The SUV craze began with the Ford Explorer. As we gear up for the 2017 Ford Explorer release, it remains a contender, boasting a premium interior, high-tech features, and robust mechanicals. It offers a solid ride and quiet cabin, while continuing to be
Ford Battery Care in Hot Weather | Ford Country Las Vegas Service 702-558-8063

How to Care for Your Ford Car Battery in the Summer Heat

Residents in the Las Vegas / Henderson area know it gets warm here, and we accept it as part of living in a great part of the country. Yes, those friends or family members who live in the Midwest and must endure the bone-chilling "polar vortex" during t
More Safe Driving Tips to Enjoy Your Ford Vehicle

Safe Driving Tips for Your Ford Vehicle

We've probably all done it at some point in our adult lives: found ourselves shaking our heads in wonder at the friend or neighbor who got busted for texting while driving or speeding down a residential street. "What's wrong with so-and-so a
Innovative 2016 Ford Edge: The Leader in Crossover SUVs | Ford Country Las Vegas | 702-558-8063

Innovative 2016 Ford Edge:

Debuting in the early 2000s, the crossover SUV class is a relatively new one. While there were plenty of heavy-duty SUVs, based on appearance and functionality this class of vehicles missed a huge market need. In revolutionary fashion, early to mid-2000
Ford Vehicles Use Green Car Technology | Learn More at Ford Country Las Vegas 702-558-8063

Ford Vehicles Incorporating New Green Car Technology

Ford Testing Unexpected Material to Make Parts for Ford Vehicles By virtue of their size, cars and trucks have long been the target of environmentalists who scoff at the resources put into building them and the pollutants they emit. But Ford knows

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